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Referral Key Reviewed by Publicity Expert Dan Janal

No Comments 14 June 2011

Are You Taking on New Clients?

Have you seen this subject line in an email?

I’m betting you have.

I’ve gotten a dozen messages from colleagues with the same message.

No. It isn’t spam.

It’s from a company called Referral Key

They let you post a profile of your business and identify the types of clients you are looking for. Your clients can rate your services and fees. And anyone in your network can refer work to you.

That’s the theory.

Referral Key

Referral Key

Surprisingly, it works!

I actually received a referral and had a new business call two weeks ago for a client who might want me to write and send a press release for his small business. He emailed me on Friday to say he got approval to do the deal. We’re going to meet tomorrow and do the work.

It’s a nice idea and it certainly puts a new benefit-oriented twist to social networking.


Check it out at

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Is it time to reinvent yourself and your business?

No Comments 24 March 2011

A well-known speaker shared his story recently and I think it bears repeating.

He created a topic that hadn’t existed before.

He was on fire with new business.

Other speakers saw what he was doing and offered the same topic – at a lower price.

Meeting planners hired him and them.

After several years, the topic matured and became passé. No one wanted to hear that topic any longer, from anyone.

No one was getting hired.

He had to reinvent himself and create a new topic. I think his new topic is killer and he will do well again.

Some of these same events have happened to me in my speaking career. I’ve had to redefine myself and find new topics and new services. I offered coaching as well as press release writing and distribution. As a result, I’ve helped a lot of people get great publicity and coverage in the media and on search engines. Info at

Have you had to reinvent yourself? How have you reinvented yourself? After seeing this short story, do you think it is time to reinvent yourself?

If you’d like me to help coach you through the process, please send an email to me at

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Who Invented Halftime? Time To Review Your Business

No Comments 18 January 2011

I was watching the football games on Sunday when halftime hit. Of course that was the cue to get a snack and head to the bathroom.

It dawned on me; who invented halftime?

After all, baseball doesn’t have a halftime. And baseball is America’s oldest sport.

Think about it. They could have used the baseball model and said you get the ball and see if you score. If you don’t, we get the ball. That’s the first inning. We’ll play 9 innings. You get the ball 9 times. We get the ball 9 times. Whoever has the most points, wins. Game over.

How was it that someone said, “Let’s stop playing for a while and rest and then finish the game.”?

Was it a coach who said, “We need time to map out new plans for the game.”?

Was it the players who said, “We need to rest.”?

Was it the stadium restaurant manager who realized people would eat more if they didn’t watch the game?

Was it mother nature saying, “Hey, we can’t sit still for 60 minutes without taking a break.”?

How does this apply to business?


Examine all the rules you follow and determine which ones are stupid, outdated or no longer serve you.

Find new ways to work, or think of process that serve you better.

Engage with new people to enhance your thinking and your productivity.

Learn new skills to improve.

If you want to stand out from compeitors, if you want to defeat this stupid recession, I can think of no better way than to give yourself a halftime break and think about these tips.

LMK how you change!

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Dan Janal helps small businesses get publicity so they can sell more products. My clients get terrific results from my coaching, consulting, done-for-you services and do-it-yourself tools. For info, go to or call me at 952-380-1554.

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How Not to Do Customer Service

No Comments 04 August 2010

Imagine my surprise when I read the flyer in my mailbox from the US Postal Service that suggested I install a new mailbox, at my expense, at the end of the cul de sac so “we can serve you better.”

As far as I can tell, the only one who benefits from this is the USPS because they can batch process 10 houses (if my neighbors do this) in less time than it takes for them to drive to each house.

While I can see the benefit to the USPS – faster time, less travel and less gas, I fail to see how this helps me.

On the other hand, I can see several distinct disadvantages to me:

1 The cost of installing a new post box.

2. The long walk to the end of the cul de sac (It’s five minutes. I timed it today.)

3. The enhanced threat of ID theft since the box is out of my sight.

Mind you, I love the USPS. I’ve had great service from them for many years, in many locations and have interacted with many workers who are superb. But when they tell me that this is being done for MY convenience, well let’s be honest. It is for their convenience.

How many times have you received messages from companies that were doing things for “your convenience” when in reality it was for their convenience? I might not mind them doing it, but they should be honest.

Their message might have said:

“To help cut our massive expenses and to help try to keep postal prices low, may we suggest that you and your neighbors install a group mailbox at the entrance to your cul de sac? This will help us save gas and route the mail faster, so you could get your mail earlier in the day. We realize this might cause you to buy a new mailbox and walk a little bit, but you’d be doing your part to help keep our system of Democracy alive for everyone.”

Okay, that last line was a bit thick!

So, I ask you, as a marketer, are you forcing down a new directive to your customers in the name of helping them, when it really just helps you? I think of self-servicing teleseminars that sell rather than tell, of surveys that are really about capturing demographic information rather than adjusting services to fit their needs. The list goes on and on.

If so, reconsider. Customers aren’t dumb. And they vote with their pocketbooks and their feet.

Dan Janal is a very successful entrepreneur, professional speaker and marketing coach who helps clients build their businesses by improving their strategy for using publicity, marketing, Internet marketing, e-commerce and sales. For more information, go to

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Get More Client by Asking “Disqualifying Questions”

No Comments 12 July 2010

What would happen if you ran an ad on Google and everyone clicked on it?

Would you be thrilled that so many people wanted to know about your service?

Or would be shocked at the size of the bill and your inability to handle so many requests for information so quickly?

Maybe both.

That’s why you need to ask “disqualifying questions” when you do any form of marketing. If you don’t, you’ll find that you have a lot of unqualified prospects and more people than you can handle. And you won’t be able to give the proper attention you need to the prospects who are truly interested in your service and qualified to buy.

I see coaches and consultants do this all the time. They offer a free session or a free consultation to their mailing list or ezine subscribers. Then they get flooded with requests from people who really aren’t qualified prospects. These people either don’t have the money to buy the product or they are not the right “fit” for the consultant.

What can you do to avoid spending time with unqualified prospects?

1. Ask for business data such as gross income for the past year and projections for this year. If they don’t match your idea of an ideal client, move on.
2. Ask what they greatest problem is. If you can’t help, it won’t be a good fit. Refer them to someone else if you can.

3. Ask what outcome they’d like to see. If it’s a good match with your skills, move forward.

What questions do you ask?

If you follow these steps, you might find that you get more qualified prospects and that you are getting more clients!

Dan Janal is a very successful entrepreneur, professional speaker and marketing coach who helps clients build their businesses by improving their strategy for using publicity, marketing, Internet marketing, e-commerce and sales. To see how you can improve your business, go to

Want to get your business quoted on top media sites – guaranteed? Check out this special report:

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